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NOVEMBER LIGHT, 2004 -Mark Scantling

This picture was taken on my last visit to San Francisco in November, ’04. The weather had been beautiful the previous two days. Wednesday started out the same, but clouds began forming by the time I’d had my breakfast at Max’s and taken the long bus ride across town to the Legion of Honor Museum. I spent an hour viewing the exhibits – the Rodin sculptures were very enjoyable, and had lunch at the museum’s patio. Leaving, I took a moment to enjoy the view of the pacific, then I headed on foot, north, to find  beach access.

Ever the tourist – I toted my Nikon 35mm, Mamiya C-3 medium format camera, film, gear, etc. in my bag (about 20 lbs.). Ironically, this photo (my favorite from that day’s shooting) was made with my 3mp Nikon Coolpix I carried in my pocket. It turned out to be the workhorse from that trip.

As I entered the beach access the Golden Gate Bridge came into view. The mid-afternoon angle of the sun, and the clouds allowed the colors to pop. I grabbed this shot, then spent the next hour-and-a-half strolling along the shore shooting Baker Beach – awed by the views of the ocean, the beach, the bridge.  There was also a naked beach guy.