DALLAS, 2008  -Mark Scantling

Because I have a Jekyll and Hyde thing going on between my paintings and photography, I have decided to let 50 MILES TO COFFEE become a photo blog. I think the primary focus will be on pictures I take (or have taken) in and around Fort Worth, Texas. Staying true to my nature I will always deviate mildly, or wildly from any path I begin, and photos not related to my geographic surroundings will pop in from time to time – as will other things, thoughts, or ideas. With that said, let us begin.

Today’s photograph is titled, “Dallas” – which is NOT in Fort Worth, but is near enough to be considered  in my “geographic surroundings”. I like to poke around the Fair Park and Deep Ellum areas when I venture to our large neighbor to the east. On one such trip, I stopped to explore this abandoned grain elevator near Fair Park. I am drawn to textures, and it particular, architectural textures. The concrete elevators, with their curving silos and the light and shadows provided me with fun and interesting shapes, and colors.

When, back at home, I uploaded the photographs from the day’s shooting, I found myself coming back to this image. I finaly realized the similarity of this picture and the Anasazi cliff dwellings in the Four Corners area of the Southwestern U.S.