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No309, 2009, 24X30 acrylic and ink silk screened on canvas -M Scantling

No309 is one of 3 paintings I have entered in TWISTED SPUR 2009 juried exhibition at K Space Contemporary in Corpus Christi, Texas. The show runs July 11 through August 22, 2009. This year’s juror is Angel Quesada, curator and production manager at Mexic-Arte Museum in Austin, Texas.

Backstory: This painting was originally made for a recent exhibit. The background was very different from what you see. As I was preparing to move it and other paintings a gust of wind from an approaching cold front blew into the studio and No309 went face down into black paint. I had to set it aside, and finally weeks later repainted and touched up the image. I was told once in art school that good things can come from mistakes.