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DOUBLE BLACK & WHITE BOOTS ON STAIRS, 2007, Acrylic ink silk-screened on canvas, Mark Scantling

I spent the evening reading several articles about the current economy and how it is effecting artists. The obvious “big” story in the art world is about lower numbers at the auction houses in New York and Europe. Quoting Kelly Crow in the Wall Street Journal, May 22: “The art market may have just laid down its new floor.” Not really surprising news, but where does it leave the 6% of the Americans who buy original art? And more to the point – how are artists coping with this downturn?

The short answers are: 1- There are still buyers out there. Buyers seeking quality. And, 2- By and large, artists are finding in many cases, with less demand, they are able to reach deep inside and create work from a greater sense of purpose. One thing artists must consider – some of the world’s greatest art was created during times of change and stress. One writer noted artists may be the only people who, after loosing everything, returns to the studio the next day to create. I think it’s what we do best. Create.

[Backstory] A large part of my sales each year come from travelers visiting Fort Worth. Travel is another activity that has diminshed due to the economy. This year I have decided to send my art to the buyers, by entering several juried art shows around the country. I am currently working on pieces for a show this fall in Fort Worth – “Preservation Is The Art of The City”, and was notified this week that my painting “Crazy Horse” (see below) was accepted for “Twisted Spurs 2009” .  Hopefully this strategy will help find homes for my paintings, and keep me flush with fresh paint and canvas – because I have to create!

Now I have a large stack of entry forms for art shows I must tend to..