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North Side                                                                            Mark Scantling

I will be showing one painting from this series entitled “North Side” at this years Preservation is the Art of the City art show, in September.This annual show at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center, is presented by Historic Fort Worth, Inc. Proceeds from art sales help HFW provide community awareness programs that highlight historically and culturally significant homes and businesses in the area.

[Back Story] The name of my series  is from the largely Hispanic neighborhood near Fort Worth’s Stockyards. One of the city’s oldest neighborhoods, it is also one of the poorest. North Side has been in economic decline for several decades, but a closer look reveals many of it’s residents are working hard, remodeling their homes and landscaping their lawns.  25th Street is one of the major areas of commerce on the North Side. Many of it’s businesses like the Azle Theater, have long been closed,  but several continue to serve the residents. Lean economic times are nothing new here. North Side has problems, more that some other areas of the city, but it hangs on by it’s roots –  hard-working people, with a long cultural heritage, a deep sense of family values, and community pride.