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Rick Bullock’s paintings at Lander’s Machine Shop Gallery

Fort Worth South Inc. promotes ART GOGGLE – twice each year – Spring and Fall. Businesses on the south end of downtown stay open late on Saturday and feature artists and craftspeople – food and drink – and some venues have live music. Mickie, my wife and jewelry maker, displayed her work at Quarles Window Co. on Park Ave. I didn’t show, choosing instead to spend the evening looking at art and visiting with other artist friends. I stopped first at T&P Tavern at the old Texas & Pacific train station to see FaceBook friend Jodi Theodore and her really nice Photography.  Next on my list was DMS Architects. My Twitter friend Kerry Conover curates the show and displays her Photography. Kerry put together a really nice group of artist/photographers. I especially liked Zeena Khalaf’s photographs of Syria. I also enjoyed the paintings of  Hatziel Flores so much – and I bought one.

The south end of downtown Ft Worth is an area of funky old warehouses and soon to be lofts.  One of the more interesting venues last night – and interesting artists was the Lander Machine Shop Gallery and artist Rick Bullock. His work (pictured above) is classified as non-objective expressionism – ranges from colorful shapes and lines to studies of color relationships.  See his paintings at 205 East Broadway. I enjoyed the feeling of his paintings and the “vintage” building vibe but didn’t wander into the next rooms (a band was playing) and I failed to read further on my guide that Ann Eckstrom was showing there too. Major screw up on my part. I’m a big fan of her beautiful paintings and would have enjoyed meeting her.

I can’t finish without a mention of my friend Robert Berry. Robert’s work was at Art On The Boulevard Gallery – the first gallery I joined, several years ago. He and I became good friends – not because of the styles of our paintings – but because of our love of Jazz. His paintings are Jazz based expressions and I often listen to Jazz when working in the studio. Always fun to catch up with Robert – because he is always 3 steps ahead!!

– Mark