For me, Social Media is a tremendous tool for artists. We live in a world that has so many things competing for people’s attention, and many artist are drawn to SM as another way to expose their art. I have a website (New West [pop] Art), a blog (obviously), a Facebook page,  and I Tweet on Twitter, mostly with artists and photographers around the world.  Doctors want to know what other doctors are researching – artists like to know what others are drawing/painting/sculpting/creating. Social Media can be excellent tools to communicate with varying segments of the public the artist might not ordinarily encounter. Those of you who know about me and my art, know I also do photography. I back away from the canvas  a few times through the year and take my cameras out to seek images. I have picked up on something new, something exciting in photography that is making its way through the creative community – iPhoneography – photographs taken with an iPhone and “enhanced” or altered with special Apps. I am thinking this is akin to adding snowboarding to the Olympics. There are already exhibitions of iPhoneography popping up and the Twitterverse has several excellent photographers sharing their efforts daily. I am following their leads.

I have recently displayed some examples of my iPhoneography here and on Mscantling’s Photo-a-day …things I stop to see. I am eager to see where this new art form will go, and I am excited to be a part of it.


My summer chair (December)                                                  2009