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Rain To The West                                             2010  Mark Scantling

Today, as I was driving home to Amarillo from Lubbock, I was entertained by a series of distant summer showers across fields of cotton and corn. Usually in August, Texas heat has parched the landscape, especially in north Texas where we have lived for the last 33 years. One often expects to find Texas (any or all of it) sun-bleached, baking hot, and desolately barren. I won’t argue that it isn’t. But, I will say here on the southern plains I can see an aesthetic beauty as pleasing to me and interesting as anywhere else. NOT as majestic as some others to be sure – but the flatland has its own sense of serene beauty.

I think it might be a -Yin-Yang thing – Land and Sky…  The long, endless, flat earth balanced by the endlessly changing sky full of brilliant blue and/or forming and re-forming clouds and colors.


[Side note]

While enjoying the distant showers today, I recalled a painting I did a few years ago about a summer storm that literally blew in to Santa Rosa, New Mexico – as we arrived at the edge of town:

A Summer Storm In Santa Rosa              2005   Mark Scantling