We took a spur of the moment day trip today to Tucumcari, New Mexico. Tucumcari, for as long as I remember, boasted it’s “1000 motel rooms”. My intent was to shoot the signs of the many motor courts and motels there from the heyday of American travel on Route 66. Instead, I ran headfirst into 2010.

The photos above are most of the remaining post-war signs that that greeted tired and hungry travelers for decades. Things change. There are new motels are on I-40, and most of the old have been “removed”. My fault for not stopping any of the two dozen times I’d passed through over the past 35 years (always with film and cameras)… What should I have expected when kids in the Brazilian jungle wear Bart Simpson tshirts?

Dinner at Del’s was good – both American and Mexican. πŸ™‚