Meanwhile – back at the ranch…

FIFTY MILES TO COFFEE  is a blog about the art I create:  New West Art , the things I see and photograph, and things I do in the west Texas panhandle where I now live.

My paintings are mostly rooted in the imagery of the American west, but reflected in a colorful, urban-contemporary style.

The title “FIFTY MILES TO COFFEE” is a line from the film classic, “GIANT”. Emerging from the train at the Reata Ranch railhead into a blustery Texas wind,  Rancher Jordan Benedict (Rock Hudson) says to his Virginian bride (Liz Taylor) “Come on Leslie, it’s fifty miles to coffee.”

Texas is still a mighty big place.


5 thoughts on “Meanwhile – back at the ranch…”

  1. I like Giant. And I’m enjoying your blog, so far. 🙂

  2. Thank you, Red – so far~

  3. I think I love all your art, although some standout [to me] more than others, but so far I haven’t seen any I hate.

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